Great Torrington, Devon

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Parish Church: St. Michael & All Angles

St. Michaels & All Angels, Great Torrington

Information from the church guide.

No one really knows how long there has been a church here. We do know from the Register of Bishop Bronescombe that one Humphrey, a priest, was instituted as Vicar on 22nd February 1259, so there has certainly been a parish church hear for 700 years, and probably much more than that. The oldest parts of this building are 14th century.

The Glove Making Industry

Great Torrington was known for its Glove Manufacturing industry. There is an excellent exhibition in the town museum situated under the Town Hall in the main square. Several of the Blight family worked in this industry. There used to be a glove factory in New Street but in 1884 Mr Vaughan moved to this building in White's Lane. This is still the home today of Vaughan Tapscott Gloves Ltd. Information about the factory can be found in Strong's Industries of North Devon 1889.

White's Lane Glove Factory (Vaughan's)

White's Lane Glove Factory White's Lane Glove Factory

Calf Street Glove Factory (J.W. Tapscott & Sons)

Calf Street Glove Factory

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